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barell. 2010 - 2018. digital photo.

there are constant changes in a human existence. one molecules change another molecules. the man becomes another. he changes color of the own attire in summer and winter. he renews one's own skin before the mirror. the man renews itself. the revolutions and overturns of the conscious remind about it, which repeatedly happen also in my life and which stuck in my memory. and at the moment there are also events and there are changes and the digital memory imprint it. cells replace each other in me. i change the clothes.
people are changing tyrants for the new tyranny of the renewed tyrants.
tyrants are getting the renewed people.
the tyranny of the people makes a sacrifice to the tyranny of a chance.
the tyranny of the people changes clothes before one's own reflection and does not recognizes itself in a renewed tyranny of the existence.
the result is oil.