you are high over the earth in a weightlessness, slowly in an air movement you freely fall in an unknown to you direction. where are you? you have push off from a birthplace, and you have flown towards the light. so many light is here. how can one escape from its burning beams. there is a huge grass like a masts. it grows everywhere. you cling to sharp sides of leaves and fade. you hear explosions of alien speech, explosions of alien fury. you release the high grass which has sheltered you and wind carries you aside. it becomes cooler. where can you stop? where can you keep a remained heat? the closed space from a brick and concrete. you slowly fall in an open window and fall on an oak parquet. clothes pockets filled with fragments of pieces of the childhood and the youth help you to stay on an oak parquet in space fenced off from the world through brick and concrete. you have dumped clothes and a flaw have taken you out to alien city.

you fly over roofs and stone landscapes. around you people are quickly carried by. one vertically upwards others vertically downwards. they do not notice you. they are weightful. the nature of their movement is another. when they touch you they leave bruises and scratches on your body and you fly aside. there is a girl here. she is interesting to you. In an air stream you come nearer to her. you want to ask. she scaredly, quickly disappears round the corner of the huge stone. you are alone. you learn to operate your body in a movement of others. many wounds have brought you impulses of a cold wind. you try to hooked for any surface. but the wind does not stop. and you are weightless. your birthplace is lost. there is no space intended for your work and sleep, which is protected from space of others.
the wind blows. you fly and fly and fly. further and further.

copyright © 1997 - 2021 wadim rakowski. all rights reserved.

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