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GESTICULATION is a hand movement accompanying a speech.
the hygienic glove takes shape of a GESTURE and a history of a nightmare comes to life in a fantasy of the present. the discourse of live GESTURE and historical GESTURE is the purpose of my scrutiny to the GESTICULATION of the world around. GESTURES dead and live are similar to each other like twins, one of which is dead, but the genetic propinquity partially remained in a memory of the live one.
GESTURES continue to live.
many GESTURES are ancient symbols, other GESTURES are on the market recently.

in a GESTICULATION everyone sees that one wants either emptiness or value.
the picture is a GESTURE. the SIGN LANGUAGE of pictures are images. to see an image it is necessary to study the SIGN LANGUAGE and the picture will reveal its secret.
process complicates itself and unexpectedly we see grateful smiling TRUTH in a banal GESTICULATION of the policeman.
unfortunately the textes of the „first Message“ and „second Message“ are not yet deciphered.

gesticulation. 2013. digital photo